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Stop pumping out content for more money

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For Gods sake GMS has been in a decline for atleast whenever Nexon took it over from Wizet. I mean stop making content for more money, At the start of Nexons GMS days, it was good, you guys developed a good story and cool classes, each class was unique. Now every class has high damage skills and flash jumps on every character. The classes lost its uniqueness, thus making it a solo game, back in the day u needed a DK for boss runs, you needed a Bishop for Zak, each class had a unique role to fill which made it more fun as a community. Now its solo play and dailies. And the solution for whoever is developing the game is make range higher and make the level cap higher so we have to spend real money to hit good range? Yea i understand people say you can play for free without spending real money, but CMON, BE REALISTIC. I dont wanna take 5 years to finally solo a end game boss. Yea the higher range people will say, doesn't take you 5 years if you put in the time. Yea obviously anything wont take a long time if you put in the time, I mean your already at 100m, dont think you can talk cuase I bet if you didint spend money on this game you wouldnt even hit 20m range. GMS is Pay to Win, everybody knows it. Now you put out MS2? What the f.... More money in your pockets?If you guys were smart cuase nexon is so idk the word cuase there isn't a word invented to describe how your brains work. Yea you made a ton of money over the years and a result of that is the game is dying every year, Instead if you followed some other game for instance WOW, they have been in the game business for how long?, and there still in it, pumping good quality content for years and people play it for along time. I mean every game nexon took over went to complete crap, Combat Arms(hackers every game), Maplestory(Private servers are more active and fun!!!!!),MS2(nothing but a money trap), I mean literally not 1 of your games are actually talked about, doesn't this merit a change in the directors position? What you guys should have done. the first 3 years that the game has been dying, Fire that dum... whoever was in charge of it and replace them, Should have asked the players for more info on what you guys can change, Instead you money hungry insects messed up your own farm. OR A GREAT IDEA IS BRING BACK WIZET. Dam wish i had a good game like maplestory, woulda made it awesome, isntead of you brain dead nibs.
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    Wizet is a part of Nexon, Maplestory 2 is an entirely different game with different continuity and gameplay mechanics, and private server discussion is against the rules.

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