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Retro World Eliminate Bug Monsters Quest Notice

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If you intend to collect Retro Coins through the `[Retro World] Eliminate Bug Monsters!` quest, please avoid doing so in a party with other players in the map. While Bug Monster kills are counted toward the quest for each player, Retro Coin drops are shared among all party members; This means only 5 non-instanced Retro Coins drop regardless of how many players are in the party. Once your quest is completed (by having 40 Bug Monsters eliminated), these monsters will no longer spawn for you. This will hinder your ability to reach the Retro Coin cap for the day.

We apologize for the inconvenience.
Thank you.


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    Ghiblee wrote: »
    I posted about this issue in another thread.
    I need to correct you for one thing. You don't need to be in a party, as long there are players within the same map the kill count will go up for everyone.

    So players are advised to solo a map without anyone else being in your map.
    This can happen too if you enter a map that is already occupied by another player, and if the Bug monster has spawned and you entered the map. The player killed the Bug monster, it will count as a kill for that player. So this better get fixed.

    If this happened to some players there is still a solution that lets you to cap on coins.
    See my latest comment in this thread:

    Since the Servers Maintenance of 1,5 weeks ago on March 15th I didn't try on 2 accounts. I just went to do the event without Kishin untill March 25th. So on that day I used my Kanna and my NL together (in party) to do Esfera and Morass daily.

    When a Bug Monster spawns, only the player who made it to spawn can see the Bug Monster, other party members can't see it. But if the Bug Monster is killed, the kill count does go up for any party member in the same map. The dropped coins can be seen by any party members, and the coins aren't shared. So that means it is not really fixed, since you can still mess it up, so you still have to do this alone before having a party, only difference from before the SC is that it won't count for randoms (not in party) being in the same map.

    I know the event is ending today but it's so bad to see after a SC and it is still not fixed.