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Banned without reason

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A couple of hours ago I was banned for no reason, I do not know why because I do not use anything illegal. Although I never spent money on the game but spent a lot of time trying to improve my characters playing legally and learning how to do it. It is for this reason that I feel very angry and sad about what happened. I hope you can hear my complaint and please solve this problem :/
Sorry if my english is not so good


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    Was your ban message an in-game dialog box from the NPC "GMPolice" saying you had been disconnected?
    Or was your ban message on the world-selection screen in a blue message box?

    The former message is not a ban, it's the automatic hack detection software activating because your client is desynced from the server. Log back in and you'll be fine.
    The latter message is a ban, but we cannot help you with ban appeals on the forums. You should submit a ticket to Nexon here and then contact Live Chat during their ban appeal hours (you can find Live Chat hours here).