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Give me a way to anvil my overall

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I'm very sad, and upset but mostly at myself about what occurred. I had this plan to anvil a lot of new gear with the revolution set. I got all excited and got my anvils during the sale. Today i discovered i screwed up, as I cannot anvil my top or bottom with an overall. I wish that there was some kind of way to anvil cash gear, i'd gladly pay money for that, just so i can wear this awesome set. I now am stuck with the overall in my inventory, as it taunts me. I never felt more disappointed with this game. #LetMeAnvilOveralls


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    I wish I could anvil over a top/bottom set with an overall tbh. my idea is that if the top is equipped, the anvil will apply to all the gears, but if not, then no anvil and you are just shirtless.