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Black screen when load with external chat window

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I recently got a new Windows 10 computer and when I downloaded Nexon Launcher and subsequently MapleStory fresh via the launcher, the first thing I noticed was that after character selection, when my character loads the screen is black. My friends tell me they see my character and it even moves when I use the arrow keys, but visually I can't see anything at all.

This issue only happens when running the game on windowed mode with external chat window. When I alt+enter to full-screen BEFORE proceeding through character selection, the game loads fine (because it forces external chat window to collapse back into the in-game chat window), although there is a momentary black screen blip where I briefly see the external chat window disappearing.

I've anecdotally heard of this issue happening to many others but no one has reported a solution that worked for them. I couldn't find a solution already posted online either, but did find numerous complaints about the same thing. For me, it's extremely annoying because it forces me to NOT use external chat window, which ruins boss gameplay where it is important to have as much visibility of the screen and the chat as possible.

I've updated all my drivers and checked for updates (including for graphics card), re-installed the nexon launcher, repaired launcher, did a full shutdown / reboot, but to no avail -- the issue persists.

Note that I only discovered the cause of the external chat window by trial and error alone ... for many who experience this error, they simply find themselves unable to play due to the black screen and eventually give up / go on a hiatus (or they report that only that one character loads a black screen, but others load just fine ... and that's because the external chat window is a setting that saves to specific characters rather than to the entire account). As a result, I hope it is a priority to investigate and patch. Thank you.


I should note that the external chat window works just fine on my old Windows 10 laptop. I'm convinced it's some kind of incompatibility with something, although my new Windows 10 desktop is even more advanced than my laptop. This issue never happened on my ancient Windows 7 desktop that I tossed.


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    I just realized something ... I get this message often:
    "An effect that uses a specific function of the graphics card did not display properly due to a temporary performance issue. The issue will be resolved when you restart the game."

    This message persists even after restarting the game / doing a full shutdown of my computer. I suspect it might be related.
    It's weird, because the external chat window will work if I activate it when already in the game. It just won't work if I had it activated when I select my character. (Then it continues to NOT work if I do something like enter/exit CS).