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Blaze Wizard's Inferno Sphere resets stacks to 0

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edited June 16 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Skill bug
Brief bug summary:
Blaze Wizard's inferno sphere (5th job skill, burst skill), loses all it's stacks on death, even with a buff freezer, while this wasn't the case before the patch.

More details:
Korean maplestory fixed this bug along with some other bugs (not dealing damage and randomly losing stacks) with Inferno Sphere that were introduced in v.205. They fixed these bugs in the patch after the v.205 update, but because GMS merged the 2 last patches from the summer update together, GMS would have to wait 2 months in stead of 1 for this bug to be solved. This bug essentially halves Blaze Wizard's burst damage if they die 1.5 minutes before a burst (which can always happen) and will cripple parties with a blaze wizard in them for the next 2 months. Could we please add this fix in a maintenance, since it is such an integral part of the Blaze Wizard toolkit?

Steps to reproduce:
Wait till you have the full 15 stacks with a buff freezer in your inventory, die and activate buff freezer, respawn.
You will now have 0 stacks

Character name:
Character level:
Character job:
Blaze Wizard
World name:
Eu Reboot
Date and time of the incident:
15th of june 2019, 6pm CEST


  • OkhuraOkhura
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    edited June 17
    Thanks, its been forwarded.
  • blzakingblzaking
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    edited July 3
    Pretty sure this isn't going to make it happen any faster, but would love to see this resolved asap as it really affects the viability of the class for bossing
  • blzakingblzaking
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    edited August 29
    bumping in hopes this will get some attention. this still hasn't been resolved as of Aug 29, 2019 and the latest patch. KMS fixed the issue in their pink bean world update. Not sure if/when GMS is getting that