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Frozen black screen when logging in with kanna

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Since kanna skills made glitches too often after the pathfinder patch, I stopped playing kanna yesterday and just played with my main character to farm meso during the 3x event.

Today, I tried to log in again with kanna but the game only stops with black screen, however, which doesn't take place when I tried logging in with other characters.

I reinstalled maplestory and even nexon launcher to try fixing this error, but none of my efforts worked to fix the error.

ONLY KANNA fails to enter the game.

I need nexon look after kanna revamp again and just fix the bugs with kanna asap, and I'm sure everyone playing kanna now will have similar experience like me after the last patch.


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    I suspect you are victim to the external chat window bug that afflicts many people, but no one indicated that Nexon is even investigating it yet.
    Try launching your game in fullscreen BEFORE selecting your Kanna character, then while in fullscreen select Kanna and enter game.
    If it works, go to settings and disable external chat window to prevent the black screen from occurring.

    I still don't know what's causing this but it's driving me nuts and has reduced quality of gameplay for me significantly. I don't even feel like bossing anymore because it blocks precious screen space, and I can't minimize it because then I can't read what party members are saying.


    Please let us know if this worked for you; if it works, then it proves I'm not making it up when I say a lot of people are being affected by this (they just don't know it's the external chat window that's causing it and assume it's character-specific). I know Kannas load just fine because my sister is one and she is able to log in fine, so this is the only thing I can think of.