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Teleport Bug for Ice/Lightning Mage

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Hey! Been playing through the Tera Burning event on a new Ice/Lightning Mage, and thought it was strange my teleport didn't go any further even after maxing out Teleport Mastery (+20 Units). Even worse though, is my Hyper Skill 'Teleport Mastery - Range' (+100 Units).

Tried toggling Mastery on and off, and relearning the skills, but still just base teleport range.


  • ArtifexArtifex
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    I'm an I&L mage and my range works just fine.
    When you say you tried toggling Mastery on, I assume you are talking about the actual Teleport Mastery skill, right?

    In order to increase the range, you actually need to use the Teleport Mastery - Range skill as well. This is another toggle-able skill, which will extend your teleport range when toggled on. Let us know if this works for you!