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Unstable game, Crashes and DC

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Starting with the new patch, I'm experiencing a lot of disconnects and game crashes, really disappointed due I spent a lot on EXP potions and limited time items such as new totem/ runes etc. Also found out that Jett's MW is not working and many other people had the same issue. My internet Ping and connection is quite good, also been trying to repair the game. Still not solved.


  • MolekulasMolekulas
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    Since before the patch is like this, this already takes regular time, happens in any channel, map, dungeon and char, if you stay afk or if you use many buffs or skills fast, simply from one moment to another you disconnect and you lose the items of Exp or buffs with time limit and your daily entries if in case you are in boss, I hope you can solve soon the stability of the servers because it already causes a lot of discomfort, greetings.