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Illegal Programs Detected in Afterlands

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Bug type: unknown?

Brief bug summary: Attacking bushes in Afterlands gives illegal program message

More details: When I am playing in the Afterlands and cut down the brush, MapleStory gives me a message saying that it detected an illegal program and that I might get banned for it. I do not have any illegal programs installed that I know of. I have also seen forums about a similar issue a few years back when trying to loot a box after fighting a boss, and recently about this same issue.

Steps to reproduce: First, log onto your character. Second, go to the Afterlands. third, cut down the bushes by attacking. This will give you the message.

Character name: Extentinat

Character level: 115

Character job: Ark

World name: Chaos

Date and time of the incident: June 18, 2019. 11:59 or earlier/later (CDT)


  • MiraMira
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    Yup, same thing happened to me. As soon as you initiate an attack in that map, the dialogue box pops up saying you are using hacks. However, it doesn't prevent you from continuing actions other than leaving the map. So, if you're stuck, you can finish meleeing the bush, wait til the bubble above your head turns to quest complete, log out, log in, and wait for the bubble to turn to quest complete again.
  • FoxgloveTeaFoxgloveTea
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    The same thing literally happened to me minutes ago, and I immediately got scared and logged out because I too don't have any illegal programs downloaded LOL
  • GhibleeGhiblee
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    edited July 11
    The issue where attacking the bush in front of the door in Afterlands would result in crashes has been addressed through today's Scheduled Maintenance.
    Please let us know if you still experience this issue after today.