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Jett Backup Beatdown Damage % Missing

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edited June 2019 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Gameplay
Brief bug summary: Jett's skill Backup Beatdown does not state the damage dealt on its final attack.

More details:
At maximum level 30, Backup Beatdown deals 250% damage while the skill key is held down.
Once the skill ends or is released a final attack is done. The skill description does not state how much damage% this attack does.

Please detail this, it is essential for Jett players to know to optimize playstyle/ node selection.

Steps to reproduce: Move mouse over the skill icon to see skill description

Character name: X011

Character level: 224

Character job: Jett

World name: REBOOT

Date and time of the incident: Ongoing since 2017



  • MastahiroMastahiro
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    Forgot to add this to the giant list, along with stating how the 5th job Allied Fury "Focused attack" counts towards the first or the second part.