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Update: Recent Bans on 6/28

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We wanted to provide a brief update for everyone on the recent account bans that took place last Friday, June 28th.
First, the criteria for this ban was based primarily on data and behavior indicating irregularities in how characters were receiving damage. At the moment, we have discontinued banning with this criteria moving forward while we review it more closely. We have already released a number of players who were banned and will continue to look into these accounts further.

Since this is the case, we would like to reassure that this particular criteria is no longer banning players while in investigation, therefore, you will be able to play normally without issues.

We apologize for the inconvenience that you may have experienced.


  • AggraphineAggraphine
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    So it seems this guy had it pegged.

    What assurances, if any, can nexon offer to players that, going forward, things like this won't happen? Or are these random "whoops our bad" banwaves supposed to be an accepted risk of simply playing the game?

    I don't mean this as a direct slight against you, Ghiblee, but "sorry for the inconvenience" loses its luster after about the nth time. You have players who get banned on a false positive because of packets that are being screwed with by actual hackers, these innocents who are caught up in the mess then go to support to try and suss out why they were banned when, to their knowledge, they did nothing wrong, only to be met with "you know what you did, shame on you, make a new account and play legit if you want to" and a threat of being blocked for "abuse" if they continue sending tickets to try and profess and prove their innocence.

    The simple truth of it is, with nexon's track record in literally just the last year regarding banwaves and the subsequent handling of them, "we're sorry for the inconvenience" is almost insulting and comes worryingly close to being a real-life parody of South Park's "we're sorry" bit.
  • HHG1HHG1
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    Can you guys at the very least stop rolling out new experimental autobans right before the weekend? Be more prepared for false-positives.
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    its not first false autoban wave and hope its last....
    autoban should be removed and turned to automark or something (GET BACK TO REAL GM's as final hammer swing)

    also what the f... is going on with ticket system and automated messages (last summer was huge false bans on kanna/blaze wizard/etc. etc. ...arwoo/savageace said will be improved)

    the "team"-bot that do "investigation" do nothing better then before
    step 1: chek user if on ranking
    step 2: generate random explain and apology like after further investigation we discoverd you broke the ToS you will remain baned
    step 3 copy-paste to other

    dont you understand how bad this is for new maplers?

    mapler that started this summer to enjoy new class pathfinder join guild and meet friends out of nowhere to get ban and shamed as hacker
    (sure if you did nothing just go to ticket system and talk to "GM" they will understand) NOO

    thanks to reddit where ban talk its allowed maplers can see whats wrong....
    feelsbad for those that are first time dealing with nexon