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Step-up Level 190 Mission

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Bug type: Quest Related / Functionality?

Brief bug summary: I followed the instructions given. Start with "[Heroes] Feelings of Misfortune" and clear Heroes of Maple.

More details: Though I started with "[Heroes] Feelings of Misfortune," I thought I could finish this quickly and just completed act 4 of Heroes of Maple. However, upon finding out that it was not completed, I did all of Heroes of Maple in chronological order (redid act 4). I thought if i waited, perhaps it would be fixed and complete on its own somehow. Sadly, that has not happened and it has been like this for a few weeks. I also checked the silver light bulb and the Conference Room of the Alliance in the dimensional mirror for any quests, but found nothing. The quest log has nothing as well.

Edit for more details: The step-up map still says "Mission in Progress!" Clicking on it just allows me to "listen to the mission explanation again." I have not heard anyone else having this issue.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Complete the quest: "[Heroes] Feelings of Misfortune"
2) Complete act 4 of Heroes of Maple only.
3) Complete all of Heroes of Maple in chronological order (redoing act 4)

Character name: Skadî

Character level: 203

Character job: Pathfinder

World name: Bera

Date and time of the incident: I'm writing this at 12:44 AM PST on 7/17/2019, but this occurred awhile back.