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Unable to complete Act 1 of Heroes of Maple

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Bug Type: Quest, Functionality?

Summary: In act 1 there is this scene were I am supposed to walk up to Afrein and click on him for dialog and for the story to continue. But as I walk in the camera zooms in, and the closer I get the camera starts to zoom into the wrong spot so I am unable to click on Afrein and continue the act. And since I can't complete all the acts, I can't complete step up. Please resolve this before step up ends

More Details: I was unable to accept the quest "[Heroes] Feeling of Misfortune" when I clicked it, it would close the quest menu and nothing would appear. After starting Act 1 of Heroes of Maple the quest disappeared


-Start Heroes of Maple storyline
-keep playing until you reach the scene with Aran, Shade, and Evan where they find Afrien
-Attempt to walk up to Afrien

Name: Sannpo
Level: 202
Job: Hayato
World: Reboot

Time/Day: 12-1AM? July 20, 2019


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    So in a way, im not the only one. The "[Heroes] Feeling of Misfortune" quest doesnt show up in my quest log even though i accepted it before starting Heroes of Maple for step up. I did finish all 4 acts (repeated act 4 since i thought i could cheese the step up quest) but it still says "mission in progress" for the step up menu. Did you try re-entering the act or relogging onto maple? I had to do that multiple times during act 1 for when you save lillin because i was able to move at a point where it was supposed to be a cutscene. Let's hope they fix this.

    Edit: i just checked my main. He doesnt have the "[Heroes] Feeling of Misfortune" quest in the completed tab of the quest log. Not sure where it would be, but it's not there.