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Jett Quest "In Search of A Clue"

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edited July 25 in Bug Reporting
Quest was introduced in v206

Dark Axe Stumps and Axe Stumps do not drop the quest items to complete this quest, neither the ones in Perion maps or the ones in Korean Folk Town.

The quest cannot be completed

Character: Lvl 227 Jett X011


  • renegadecoins01renegadecoins01
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    same, i cant complete the quest line either
    the items do appear to in the monster book drop listing of dark axe stumps in perion
  • PirateIzzyPirateIzzy
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    edited July 30
    Strangely when I created a new Jett, I was able to get the items. However, they didn't drop on my level 202 Jett. It might be an old vs new Jett issue.

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