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Fairy Bros Bug Update

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Hello Maplers!

We are currently investigating the issue where July Fairy Bros Event Calendar dates decreased from 28 to 21 after yesterday's maintenance.
We are looking into how we're going to compensate as well. We'll update when we have more details.

Thank you.


  • QcSandOfTimeQcSandOfTime
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    i hope compensation will consider our mvp ranking specialy for the cubes
  • aclosednoobaclosednoob
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    I believe there's a bug involing the badge exchange process at crimsonwood (Joko)
    I am doing the NLC quest for crafting crystal ilbi and balance fury.
    I have finished all prequest and am able to talk with Joko for badge exchange.
    But Joko keeps saying "Oh.. please check your inventory". I have 32 emply slots in each of my bag category. (I checked either equip/use/etc/setup/cash)
    I tried another character with nearly emply slots, the glitch is still there. I am just not able to exchange anything by any means.
    When I post my probelm on Youtube, several guys commented saying they have the same issue.

    Nexon please help~
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    as long as we get the cubes everybody is happy =)
  • pommepouffepommepouffe
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    Thank you so much for the announcement and acknowledging the bug. Hope the compensation is appropriate.