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Make Party Quests Great Again

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Most Party Quests became obsolete after reduced level curve to 200 and level cap increase to 275,
since they don't offer considerable amount of experience to level up.

In addition to offering more player interactions, they could be used as a resource for those who don't like
to grind and wanna have a good time, while still "training".

I believe Party Quests such as Carnival PQ, Crimson Wood Keep, Sea of Fog, and many others used to be
super fun and could get revamped in terms of XP and item rewards.

Leave your thoughts on comments.


  • fidgetspinnerACEfidgetspinnerACE
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    My thoughts: For some reason, Nexon has no intention of releasing any more PQ content. For what reason, I'm not entirely sure. Maybe they feel they've made enough, or are content the way they are and are just moving in a different direction. Perhaps they have a view that not enough players do them or even think the content is too good or exploitable for players. My gut is telling me it's a combination of Nexon not wanting to mess with spaghetti code any further and not seeing enough value for making them. In fact, if I wanted to by cynical, I'd go so far as to say it's a tactical decision; by eliminating PQs and increasing the importance of dailies and damage, it conditions and herds players to be more vulnerable to spend more time and money on the game.

    Their thoughts for PQs also seem to be intrinsically linked with their disdain for party-play in general and unjustly sharing their same fate. They've certainly tried to sublimate PQ's absence with other player-to-player interactions with event mini-games, or bossing parties, but these simply do not fill the same niche as PQs do. They have an interest with party-play, but the type they envision for the game is not something where PQs can exist.

    Whatever lack of purpose Nexon has seen in PQs, I see no reasoning to completely eliminate it from the mid-game to late-game meta and heavily disagree with its treatment. It is a unique and purposeful type of content that lends more variety and charm to the game. Instead, CWKPQ has been gone for longer than they promised, other PQs dropped entirely, and the rest languishing in their own decay, separated from all other content. The only limelight PQs will seemingly ever receive nowadays are through PQ events and event buffs, hypocritically instead of actually buffing the PQs themselves.
  • JushiroNetJushiroNet
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    If they could somehow allow for scaling difficulty PQs that might be interesting. I don't in any way mean LEVEL BASED scaling. It would be a difficulty slider chosen by the party leader. For example it could be anywhere from hard gollux difficulty to many times harder than h lucid. Why not?

    Would the reward just be exp or do you envision something else? Cosmetics? Symbols? Droplets? Mesos? Something else?
  • HighGearHighGear
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    Great perspective @fidgetspinnerACE.

    And @JushiroNet, I believe party quests shouldn't be focused on difficulty (except for boss fights), because we already have many aspects of the game focused on that.
    Particularly, I like the puzzle-solving/cooperation aspect (such in Guild PQ, CWK PQ, Ludibrium PQ, etc) and also the fun and casual competition between players (like on Carnival PQ or Sea of Fog) on party quests. In other words, something to have a good time and relax a little bit.

    Maple used to offer the richest experience possible in terms of mutual cooperation and players' interactions in old times. But unfortunately now it is all about solo, power, pay to win and showing off, which for me is boring and does not require much cognitive effort.

    In terms of rewards, I think they should revamp them and offer more valuable items to players in addition to decent level based experience.
    90% of the stuff you get from party quests or from monster drops became obsolete and don't really have a good use nowadays.

    I think they could give us useful rewards such as Nodestones, or maybe something else that represents
    value to players such as :

    Unique cash outfits/weapons
    30 days or permanent pets (I wish Ursus pet was like that, too much effort for only 7 days of use)
    Permanent pet equips and scrolls
    GM scrolls (100% +9att/+9matt)
    Guardian scrolls
    Protection scrolls

    and so on.

    It doesn't really matter what, but something that makes you want to go there and
    get it (like the Seal Cushion and Naricain Necklace on CWK PQ, good old times xD).

    Well I hope Maple can be as bright again as it was originally, where all classes contributed with each other,
    and also where we could have fun without stress too much about being strong.