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Black Heaven Rewards Not Recieved

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edited July 2019 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: No Rewards Given

Brief bug summary:
I recently came back to Maplestory and decided to do the Black Heaven blockbuster. I've cleared through Acts 1 - 3 and received no rewards other than the "Ace of the Alliance" equipable through the light bulb icon upon leaving the Conference Room of the Alliance and returning to Pantheon. Afterward, I returned to the conference room and spoke to Moco.

More details:
I've looked into a previous forum thread http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/25300/black-heaven-reward-not-recieved and spoken to Moco (or the bluebird who activates the blockbuster) and all I'm getting is just the 'select the Act you want to play' and nothing else. I've tried changing characters and changing channels with no results.
I am unsure if I am simply unaware of how to receive the rewards or not, but the last time I played through this I had to speak to the pink bird on the right to accept my rewards, and speaking to them now will only have them asking me if I would like a title reissued for a fee, or if I must play through all 6 acts in order to receive my rewards (but I highly doubt this as when I played this near the original release I received my rewards upon act completion)

Steps to reproduce:
1. Playthrough Blackheaven on the reboot server
2. Cry

Character name: DemonFrigid

Character level: 124

Character job: Kaiser

World name: Reboot

Date and time of the incident: 7/30/2019 Somewhere around 8:30 - 10:17 PM Pacific Daylight Time