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Black Heaven Act 4 Part 6

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I'm struggling to finish part 6.

Part 6
Press 'Alt' at the yellow area to reveal yourself.
Repeatedly press 'Left Arrow' and 'Right Arrow' keys alternatingly until the bar is full to shake off androids hugging you.
After successfully raiding into the Black Heaven Deck, kill 7 maps worth of monsters (spawn time may be delayed due to vehicle travelling)
You managed to kill Georgi. Now sit on it and use it to destroy all obstacles for the next 2 maps. (Use 'Ctrl' key to Attack)
350 units (18,821,950 EXP)

But I am unable to do so. I disconnect partway through the first map of the Black Heaven Deck trying to finish this one part but it keeps disconnecting me by the 2nd map if not the first.