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Masteria revamp!

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Today I hung out in NLC. Lots of great memories from this area in the game, it's probably my favorite overall. That said, it is so out dated compared to the rest of the game that there really isn't much reason to visit here anymore, though this could be said about many areas in the game currently...

I propose (and I know I'm not the first to bring this up at all, nor will I be the last) some sort of revamp to this area. I don't think the quests or enemies need to be changed at all, in fact it would be ideal to leave all of that as is. But NLC isn't even in the dimensional mirror anymore. Where's the love?

Probably the most desired change in NLC is to bring back CWKPQ! Everyone misses this PQ. Everyone wants to play this PQ again (at least my friends do). The rewards were fun! In a time where nexon has essentially shoe horned everyone into the same gameplay experience (arcane dailies till you drop) it would be nice to bring back a little diversity, no?

Also, the haunted house! Not only was this a really popular area in the past, the removal of haunted house means that stirgeman equips can no longer be upgraded. I know this is a really small nit pick but I get so bored doing the "mainstream" content like dailies and bossing. It's fun to do the exchange quests and stuff like that.

CWKPQ and haunted house are very desirable content.
Bring back the full glory of Masteria!
  1. If CWKPQ and the haunted house areas were to be reintroduced, would you play there?6 votes
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  • PetalmagicPetalmagic
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    I've said this before...but I think CWKPQ could be an opportunity to also add a way to get extra Gollux Rings/Earrings (albeit a rare drop) due to Gollux being slightly related lore-wise...
  • DiximaNDiximaN
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    Singapore and Malaysia got a revamp in MSEA where both areas became lv180+, along with a few lv190+ Star Force maps which are way better than the regular FES2 stuff
    Since I don't see this revamp coming to us (ever), a revamp for Masteria's world map (remove this annoying jq and let us use hyper tp rocks please!), map terrain and monster levels + EXP is appreciated too (along with the changes you mentioned)
  • PirateIzzyPirateIzzy
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    I've thought of ideas for a Masteria overhaul, problem is Nexon doesn't take suggestions or ideas.
  • wthNoIDwthNoID
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    CWKPQ and the haunted house

    bit iffy on cwkpq not big on stuff that needs partys to run unless they change it so its possible to solo but due to mechanics thats unlikely as it needed like one of every class if i remember right

    but haunted house yes pretty sure still only place that drops the upgrade items for the stirgeman gear namely pants and skirts maybe even the stirge on string... tho common gear like that seems not really used anymore...

    also i would like to note i would hate a revamp that removes or changes the added ability to get itcg items ingame
    and if revamped re-add ability to get some of the drops needed like most items dropped in haunted house