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So bera lags, what's up with that?

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When is the absolute travesty that is bera's connection state going to be either acknowledged or addressed? It's getting awfully close to a full week of this. I'll hit mobs and they'll take a second or two to actually die. Or I'll grab a combo orb and watch as the experience gained from it registers fully half a platform(clp, for size reference) away from where it was picked up, sometimes worse.

Why is this even still a problem? Didn't you kneecap kishin and then preen about how the change was such a boon to server stability or some similar tripe? Or did the kishin nerf come from up on high(higher than you lot seem to like acting with your "memos") and you were told to blow smoke up the collective asses of your players?


  • HHG1HHG1
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    It can't possibly be the large number of hackers and secondary mules online. No, it's definitely kishin. /s
    Pretty sure I see more kanna hackers now than pre-nerf kishin, and it's pretty obvious when looking at the server strain too.
    Even the dialogue boxes can't keep up.

    Spawn affecting servers was not really an issue before, outside of GM events where both a considerable amount of players gathered in one channel, in one map, and GMs were spawning Hekaton and ****. Even then only that specific channel would crash.
    When maps were affected by kishin until the next maintenance we had none of these issues. And that's with BOTH active kanna mules being online, the amount of blaze wizard/kanna/DS hackers we had during those times, plus the majority of popular maps being permanently kishined.

    So how did it go so wrong in the last... 2 years? Was it really just because of the server transfers? What about all the supposed server upgrades since then? 30 channels did help a bit so maybe that should be a permanent addition at this point, since they clearly can't manage bot activity or have any real intentions of fixing 2PC meta.

    (Oof this was more ranty than I intended. Sometimes you just get fed up though.)
  • AggraphineAggraphine
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    Yeah, it's a bit ranty, and in hindsight I should've made the thread down here to begin with.

    That said, you're dead-on with being fed up. Especially when your frustrations are met with little more than hand-waving platitudes and over-used placations.
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    We believe the time has come for a long forgotten class to be reintroduced into the wonderful dynamic game play that maplestory has offered all these years. The name of this righteous character is none other than kaiser of the nova, he has been degraded of his noble states and needs to be reconfigured for the greater good of the game. The kaiser community beseeches you to revamp this glorious character, he needs to be rectified, but take as long as needed for we are comprehensive in the art of patience.

    best regards Kaiser fans.