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Mushroom Shrine Tales Tengu bug

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in Bug Reporting
im playing this game almost since its release and I've never been more frustrated from a bug like this one,
whoever did this quest line probably noticed its a bit long one .
anyway, i did everything needed till the last boss cuz i remember those wings are really really strong and probably great for my characters in reboot
its been a while since i tried it last time and i switched my keyboard so when i created new characters i did the second keyboard option (starting with free slots in q,w,e, etc)
the missions were easier since the drop rate bonus but when i faced the last boss i just couldn't beat him .
no matter what i did it never received the fact that i'm actually pressing the button they want me to (S) no matter what i try
after 2 hours of trying i just left it and rage-quit the game for a month
i came back and tried again and still the same bug
after speaking with players who do end up with the glorious wings they all started with the default keyboard, as i do in the past when using it

i wasted so much time for NOTHING and even if nexon end up fixing it i still really hate the fact they abandon their own game