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guide bishop !!!

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hello good eh played again quite a while ago everything is different .. the question is a training guide for newbies BISHOP I have clothes without badge only clothes the simplest level 110
a place or missions that give exp I am 149


  • IvangoldIvangold
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    You need to go in some other place in the Forums to get more help, Game Guides are to help guide players not ask for guidance like that, go to Maplestory discussions.

    Reminder that if you are playing Reboot server it's a different kinda of guide you will need vs Normal Servers, if Reboot just google Equipment guide you will have a better idea.
  • FuhreakFuhreak
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    A generic training guide should help you out.


    It should be noted that there was a change recently to Gold Beach/Riena Strait which make them level 30-59.
    Mobs will automatically match your level between 30-59 now instead of being a set level.
    These maps are also instanced so just stay on them in this level range. Outside of that, these guides should be up to date afaik.

    If you're unsure on any mechanics of bishop there's this guide.

    His presentation could use a little polish but he covers everything you need to know.