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[MONSTER LIFE] Wrong icons for Aurora and Elysium

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edited September 2019 in Bug Reporting
Correct world icons from the login screen that should be displayed in Monster Life


Incorrect world icons that are currently displayed in Monster Life


Bug type: Monster Life

Brief bug summary: Monster Life farms owned by Aurora and Elysium main characters display incorrect world icons under the farm name

Steps to reproduce:
1) Log in with any character from Aurora or Elysium
2) Enter the Monster Life farm
3) If the selected main character for the farm is from Aurora or Elysium, go to Step 4
3.5) If the previously selected main character for the farm is not from Aurora or Elysium, choose to change the main character
4) The character information under the farm name will display an incorrect world icon

Character name: Tracy

Character level: 225

Character job: Battle Mage

World name: Aurora

Date and time of the incident: After the Worlds Unite v.207 Game Update on August 28, 2019