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Blocked by GM for hacking reason

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I was playing my Zero, and finishing my Ariant quest. I suddenly got the window saying that I was somehow blocked my GM for hacking reason. I DO NOT HACK. I HAVE NEVER USED HACKING TOOLS IN MY LIFE, and this came out! Is this just a bug? error? I was able to re-choose channels and go back into my Zero, but I just want to be sure.


  • RexaarRexaar
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    You're fine (they just don't want to change the word "block" to "disconnected"), people usually get that message when they are lagging (because the server receive a bunch of packets at once, there is no fool proof way to differentiate it between a legit lag spike or someone intentionally spamming the server with packets)
  • HuskyDMHuskyDM
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    If you get a "You got blocked by GM Police" esque message then don't worry, its what Rexaar said. If you have truly gotten banned then you won't even be able to use your characters.