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Kanna skills bugged

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edited September 2019 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Skills

Brief bug summary: I'm reporting 2 very annoying Kanna skill bugs.
1. Orochi Unbound causes game to kick me out to world selection page when holding skill key down... seems inconsistent, but very easy to reproduce when casted multiple times using a Rune of Skill and alternate with Nine-Tailed Fury.
2. Cannot use Mana Warp (teleport skill) during a Commerci Voyage. It says 'You cannot use this skill on this map.' I believe this was intentional when the teleport skill also did random jump when not holding a directional key, but now that it doesn't do that anymore, it works as a normal teleport and I think it should be able to function in voyages now. It is very annoying to do a voyage with a kanna without teleport functionality when serpent boss blows us to the other end of ship.

More details:

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Steps to reproduce:
1. For Orochi Unbound skill, find a Rune of Skill and then alternate between Orochi Unbound skill (hold the key for the full duration) and Nine-Tailed Fury skill. At some point you will 100% guarantee get kicked out to world selection.
2. For Mana Warp skill, start a Commerci voyage and try to teleport.

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Character name: Arastella

Character level: 240

Character job: Kanna

World name: Bera

Date and time of the incident: 9/21/2019 ... doesn't matter when it happened in this case as these are skill bugs.

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