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Give Nexon some brain pls, maybe it will succeed

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Sooo, probably happen to maybe more than half the maplestory population well w.e is left anyways, but you have this thing that when u buy certain items you get a trade or item drop restriction like echo megaphone O_o dont know why but yeah its a thing( even in the already no trade Reboot server, lolz yup) but the thing is once you get this you wont be able to drop any items for like maybe 1-2 weeks, and so they block the way of doing many events, quests and boss missions like Zakum , since you actually have to drop the red orb in the lava as a sacrifice. So as usual Nexon makes hundreds of updates releasing items and avatars to make money, but dont realize the mistakes and stupidity they make by adding this useless rules. Anyways I decided to try this again after years and got some money into it to support but i see its been a mistake Again and this game don't deserve to be on their hands. I leave this to see if maybe gets the attention of anyone and they decide to fix this or not? Well dont matter to me anyways.