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Korea MapleStory celebrates 6000 days!

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That's impossible to believe that MapleStory almost reached 6,000 days since it's official launch in Korea!

It was about more than 8 months that Global MapleStory reached its 5,000 days but nothing was done to celebrate it properly in Global MapleStory... :(.

This time, all the town is decorated with 6,000 days of various decorations, balloons, pink bean car and more for the celebration of that special day at count!


This time, upon taking a look there are 2 chairs: 6000 Days Magic Lamp Chair and 6000th Day Celebration Party Chair.
Upon taking a look on a video created by x3TheAran59 on youtube due to being curious, I found that both of the new chairs are untradeable and recovers 1,000 HP and MP every 10 seconds.
More rewards as those are available:
6000 Days Arabian Costume Set
Lamp’s Fairy Wonky

Rewards that can be received upon sitting on the 6000th Day Celebration Party Chair for a total of 6,000 seconds:
6000th Day Celebration Damage Skin
6000th Day Experience Pouch

There are missions on daily basis which takes the players to old locations and maps from the old days of maple.

Full details about the related events can be found at the following Orange Mushroom's blog:

Maps from the recent update:

Chairs from the recent update:


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    cus GMS dont make anythng
    when GMS reach 6k days in few years maybe ctrl c ctrl v and we get that one heheheh
  • HuskyDMHuskyDM
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    For our 6000 days we are getting 1 Nodestone and that's it. You know if whoever runs GMS had more events celebrating the community and being a lot more giving instead of the barely communicative group they are then there wouldn't be so much spite and contempt around.