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Hayato's Surging Blade: Movement Restrictions

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Head-note : I understand that user 'NotOkitaSoji' has already made a post touching upon this bug (over here), but it's been almost 4+ months now without any response. I'll be moving into depth about this specific skill's current problems however, though please do look over their post as well, as some issues that they have touched upon are also still currently relevant in-game.

Bug Type : Skill / Functionality

Bug Summary : Hayato's 1st job skill, 'Surging Blade' locks player movement / steering, making you unable to turn in the midst of casting this skill consecutively.

More Details : This skill, prior to the Kanna & Hayato Revamp (which was a part of patch / Version .205) allowed players to move on a dime whilst casting this skill. Effectively, they were able to switch directions flawlessly. After the skill was changed to include 'dedicated mob knock-back', this was no longer the case. You can no longer turn AT ALL while using this skill. I understand the possibility that this may have been a change made on purpose as a part of Hayato's rebalancing, but this shuts down one of our more useful mobility skills. For example, being able to turn immediately to avoid potential death in a boss is made significantly harder, especially when you are required to be precise with your movements. I don't really see why one would justify this choice. Then again, it could just be a straight-up bug.

I know that it's very, very unlikely that this will be changed soon (or ever) in time for the next big content patch, but please consider reverting this skill to it's former state. The aforementioned 'dedicated mob knock-back' attribute that was granted to the skill is almost completely redundant, and can actually be somewhat detrimental at times.

Additional footnote details:

- There have been multiple instances where I have pressed the key that the skill is bound to thrice, but ended up having gone through the full 4 casts. I am unsure if this is a result of attack speed modifiers or if this was another problem introduced after the skill's rework.

- Casting this skill even once while you are in the air, regardless of using it after an airborne combo or not, will lock your next movement in the 'skill queue'. This is especially infuriating on mistaps of the skill key, seeing as it completely shuts down whatever you're doing and you have to wait until you make contact with the ground and finish casting the queued-up Surging Blade cast. Yes, you can remedy this issue by "just not using the skill", but muscle memory in regards to combos makes this rather difficult within a majority of the time.

Character Name : Åkarin

Level : 244

Class : Hayato

World : Bera

Report submitted on 10/09/2019, at 10:16 PM EDT.