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shop interface equipment preview error

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for some reason the equipment preview in shops is off in the bottom right corner but not if it's part of a set.
it appears for one frame in the correct location and then moves.
the comparison screen appears in the correct location but is then locked in place.
if i move the shop to the top left then it appears in the middile of the screen.
it seems that it's a problem with mouse tracking.


  • BadBadgerBadBadger
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    p.s. it is only equipment that has something to compare to. that causes this glitch
  • AKradianAKradian
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    Thank you for reporting this.
    It is, in fact, on the list of Known Issues in the v208 Update Notes.
  • Absolution7Absolution7
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    Whenever I mouse over certain items in the shops (and sometimes in my item window) the little box that comes up and shows the item stats is positioned partially or completely off-screen; it becomes impossible to compare a new/old piece of equipment that I'm about to buy (e.g. Gollux rings/earrings vs currently equipped rings/earrings)

    Picture attached daeD2Nm