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Can not finish quests & summon Zachum

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edited October 2019 in Bug Reporting
I can not drop the [Eye of Fire Chunk] item to summon Zachum, nor drop the [Bleached Olive Tree] to complete the quest [Town beautification] in [The Afterlands] party.
It is said that I can't drop items until 10/17/2019 because I purchased restricted items with NX credit after charging NX credit for the first time. I've never been told about this restriction rule while i was charging the NX credits or before purchasing the cash items. I charged 100,000 NX points and bought the surprised style boxes few hours before, and then i can not participate in the regular activities of this game. It doesn't make any sense. All the purchases are legal and are done by the official Nexon system, and I do check the payment record & get the bill from Nexon.
I submitted a request about this problem to the Maple M Support for help. This is what they responds: Thank you for contacting Nexon Player Support. I understand that you are unable to finish your quest due to the trade restriction and are asking to lift it. Unfortunately, we regret to inform you that we are unable to lift the said restriction. We could only ask for your understanding regarding this matter. They also gave me a link: https://support.nexon.net/hc/en-us/articles/360001358306-NX-Credit-Restrictions , But this web page does not explain anything that why my purchases would influence my normal game progress.
Should I take the full responsibility for my purchases for being unable to play the game? Am i really gonna wait 5 days to reach the Boss fight and finish my quest which took my whole night to complete? I really need help.