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[Skill] Jett's Planet Buster Delay Is Not Reduced

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Bug type: Skill / functionality

Brief bug summary: To add to the laundry list of Jett issues, Jett's 4th job skill Planet Buster was supposed to have its delay reduced in v210, but it is the same as before..

More details:
The v210 patch ported the changes made to Zen a few months ago in ChinaMS and TaiwanMS, as well as to Jett in JapanMS (yes, JapanMS also has Jett; it's not only in GlobalMS), and these changes have been now applied to Jett, since Zen and Jett are functionally the same class. However, one of the changes that didn't make it to GMS was the delay reduction to Planet Buster.

Expected: The skill delay should be reduced from 1080 ms to 780 ms at Normal attack speed.
Actual: The skill delay is still 1080 ms.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Reach Level 100 on a Jett character, and add a point to the skill Planet Buster.
2. Use the skill. It will be slower than expected.

An example of the Zen equivalent can be seen in this video; one of those Chinese knockoffs of YouTube:

Character name: irrelevant

Character level: 100+

Character job: Jett

World name: any

Date and time of the incident: December 19, 2019 onward


  • BelloPallyBelloPally
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    Same issue here. Even with attack speed cap, Planet Buster is clunky as hell.

    Not to mention that GMS Gravity Crush, unlike its TMS counterpart, did not receive any kind of buffs at all.

    They just don't care...
  • GhibleeGhiblee
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    edited January 14
    This feedback has been relayed to the team.
    Thank you.
  • wisetigerwisetiger
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    We did it guys:
    Jett Skills
    Planet Buster: Skill delay was reduced from 1080ms to 780ms.