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[EU LUNA] Academia - Guild Recruitment!

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Guild Name: Academia
Server: Luna [EU]
Requirements: No requirements, preferably join on your main, if you want to bring in a few alts that's fine too. We have a guild discord!
Contact: Shiftah#8622 or reps#7004 on discord, otherwise just apply by opening the guild window > search guilds then apply to Academia


  • AckinAckin
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    I have tried to join for a couple of days but I can't, it says you have no more room for requests. So are you not accepting more? Have a good one! / Ackin
  • OSiRememberOSiRemember
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    I would be interested, as there doesn't seem to be any other active Guilds.
    I have already attempted to request, however, it says there is no more room for requests.
    Could you please add me in-game and we can hopefully sort something out.

    IGN: iRemember
  • EpiCxPathEpiCxPath
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    Still searching ? my name is EpiCxPath on Maplestory Luna
  • VisualFightVisualFight
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    Im searching for a guild, your post still up-to-date.. :) ? Discord: VisualFight#8145