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Dead game. Everyone should quit and stop buying NX

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This game is a waste of money and time.
I'm playing NightLord right now and I am still using the beginner stars. I farmed Dark Birk for 7 hours and not a single drop.

Things wrong with Maplestory and why people will never play this game.
It's the reason why I can't get motivated to play.

First of all Maplestory is a millennial game. Millennials are old now.
Maplestory is also play to win.
Reboot is not worth playing. The monsters get stronger the more you level up. Really no point in leveling up in Reboot, you will take 1 minute to kill 1 monster.
Only the people that has connections will succeed.
Drop tables suck.
Hackers are on every map.
GMs don't listen.

I need everyone to quit playing.
There are tons of great games on Steam.
I like games like Starcraft 2, League of Legends, Tetris, and Chess. All competitive fast-paced games.


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