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The problem with current MS discord server

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This is going to be probably my first and last ever post I'd make on this forum, but I will try my best to organize what I would want to say.

Now, I know that discord is a place that "gamer" people chat where they chat freely, but I don't think it is actually that "free" to chat about "anything", because of the atmosphere
that the gaming chat already has.

Generally this discord server has a use of either sharing their memories or achievements through chat, or ask questions and get answer from people that already knows a lot.
However, these "people" I am talking about have some problems that I can probably discuss over; there are some issues that are not significant and some are significant from what I see.

The disclaimer here is, the list of problem may not be an issue to you personally or it's really small problem to you but this is just my opinion and how I feel about the server.
Hence, there's no right or wrong answer. It can sound stupid or ridiculous or sound about right depends on which kind of person you are in the server.

To start off, these "old" discordians just form their own group and they really do push off new players; I've seen and heard of stories that they were ignored in a process when they were actually asking a question, and I get to be ignored a lot from the server as well. I can understand this due to having a lot of people coming in and chat so that they can't reply one by one, but it doesn't look as active as what I've seen so this is not as valid excuse as it could be.

But when people start to "answer" questions, It gets bit messy in server.

The general attitude I see on the server when they try to answer some of questions, it really isn't that friendly sometimes; they make it sound like their answer is ultimate and everything else that is not going along with the answer is irrelevant. I mean sure if it's about stating a fact that isn't true it has to be corrected, but opinions don't have to be corrected. And even if has to be corrected, there are way of saying it bit nicely rather than being arrogant and prideful about knowing about things that someone don't know and make others feel bad to make themselves feel good or per say "above them".

I guess this is common trait or attitude among people that plays any sort of game overall and have been involved to such game for a while. I believe the environment would just become much of a place where no one has etiquette in general.
But this is going against standard that guideline stated, and I really don't believe that these people even have a heart to put dedication to "respect".

Another issue is that no one cares about me or anyone else or they tried to be friend with me; I tried, but they didn't. Well I dug hole by blocking most of active users so that I don't cause conflict, but they didn't care if I wanted to be friend or not even before so it doesn't matter.

Some or most would say it's my issue and I have to suck it up, but these people are one of the most active people on the chat and usually there's at least one or two people trying to gather up their usual people on the chat. There isn't anything I can put this under control; I have to at least "bump" into them and fear that they are trying to get at me to correct me, and stomp me to make me ashamed in public.

There's nobody that anyone wants to make a connection with anybody and it's very isolated; I mean I guess there are some, but I believe how tough world is to get through, it became such a community that has no warmth but it's like a burning lava that has no way to put a feet on.
As it's a community, I think it has to be a place with bit less of a wall and bit more open space for everyone regardless if they are new or old.

Some really don't listen to or try to and I think this is one of biggest problem that I am going to mention out of everything.
Honestly people make tons of mistakes and some selected people thinks that it's a sin to say something wrong and later apologize. One time I said something wrong and I apologized and kindly asked them to talk about something else. They didn't listen and keep on going about a topic that I refused to discuss about and ended at.
I even was actually called and been told to "take a rest" just for not telling or being mistaken for one thing.
I don't think no one would take this as a concern that comes from heart, but it's nothing other than trying to belittling me as if I am some sort of disabled. I'm not trying to be sensitive here but this is an attack. It can be ended in a good edge without calling someone crazy over one mistake that it really doesn't matter and was apologized for.

I also feel that these people don't have a definition of "opinion" sometimes.

Opinions are opinions, it isn't something you shall attempt to correct or should be corrected by others because they are different. It doesn't matter how you play the game. There's no 1 way of playing the game, but they always have to say something about it and feel really proud that they have "correct" opinion.
I just don't get that how there's a community that embraces such concept that is absurd. Correct wrong statement, don't be ignorant towards opinions. Let them play how they want to play and freely express how they think about it.
I've seen so many of people trying to bite off once there's so called "wrong" opinion or whatever they think it's justice to bash this down and have one singular opinion.
This is making me sick in stomach and I really don't know how what's so hard to just agree or disagree by saying "I understand, but I disagree."

I know most of you would say "then leaving the server might be easier for you, no one is making you stay". But the thing is you can't because there certainly is other reason why I have to stick to this place.
This is if not, the biggest community that is out there formed pretty well, and this is the server that gets the most accurate and abundant information about this game if anything.
And also it is a place with a lot of opportunity to get new players as a friend which works pretty good most of time.

Making people leave the game isn't going to make it alive or contributes. It will just raise a chance of game being shut permanently if anything. It may just seem like it's just me having problem like this out of everyone, but I'm being serious; you can't tell people to leave if they have problem with the community if they don't like it.
Cyberspace is still a space shared by people, and every single one of users on here are someone's precious being. There are few people that strongly believes that "Finding goodness or politeness over game community is dumb". Yet they can't explain why guideline still says respect people.
It may be very negligible thing for most of you, but it's really coming to the problem to me where I don't feel safe in this place yet I have to engage to at least be updated with gms and its info.

All I want to ask is to be nice. It doesn't take anything to be nice towards people.


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    I skimmed most of this tbh, did you make your point somewhere in here? You seemed to skirt around some kind of underlying issue you feel the server has, without ever actually explicitly stating what that issue is.
    Another issue is that no one cares about me or anyone else or they tried to be friend with me; I tried, but they didn't. Well I dug hole by blocking most of active users so that I don't cause conflict, but they didn't care if I wanted to be friend or not even before so it doesn't matter.

    Oh, hello there Ricardo/SmashMeHard. How much of the server have you blocked because they didn't react to you in the way you wanted them to?
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    As a regular in this discord I take one large issue with this: You have an expectation that those in the discord are obligated to answer questions. While a lot of people in there don't mind (including me), taking the advice and answers we provide for granted rubs me the wrong way. Idk why you've blocked so many people, especially Barc, Ave, and Izzy, three of the most helpful people on that server by far.

    Perhaps instead of trashing the server and burning your bridges even more than you already have, you should take a good look at yourself, and stop pressing that "block" button like your life depends on it.
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    So you're upset that people give factual answers instead of super friendly ones? I don't get it.
    A lot of people in the discord ask easily google-able questions, and questions that have been answered time and time again in the discord, which has a search function. Sometimes people have to learn how to get their information by themselves, but from what I've seen they actually do get most of their questions answered. If the answer gives off an annoyed tone (though tone is hard to read in text) then it's usually because it's one of those google-able things. The way the person has asked the question also matters.

    It also sounds like you're maybe spouting too many half-baked opinions, which results in people "always correcting" you. Everyone's free to vocally disagree with your opinion on any platform and offer arguments against you. If you're giving wrong advice to people, that's also up for discussion. There are optimal ways of progressing, and even though that isn't the only way, that's usually what people are asking for. If you're out there giving obscure and "this worked for me a year ago" type of advice, then people are free to disagree with you and state the optimal meta.

    Once you put something out there, you're no longer in control of the conversation and it's not on you to end the discussion just because you've been proven right or wrong. You can withdraw, sure, but you can't make other people stop discussing your stance and their stance on it once it's out there.
    Just think twice about what you want to say, and what kind of discussion you want to start, before starting it. If a lot of people continue to have adverse reactions to you then maybe consider if your choice of words may have something to do with it.
    Another thing is that you don't have to insert yourself into every discussion to be an active part of the community, that's another thing that people might find annoying. If you have something to say that adds to the conversation, or are genuinely interested in the topic then great, but sitting back and just reading is another way to enjoy the discord and absorb information.

    The "issue" that nobody tries to befriend you is not really an issue with the server, but an issue with your expectations. I'd say the majority of people don't use the discord to make friends, but to exchange information and opinions on topics that are relevant to MapleStory. I personally ignore/block random people who DM me out of the blue wanting to chitchat, talk about their lives and get to know me, and the only server we have in common is MapleStory (or any other specific purpose discord) without any previous interaction. That's not what I'm there for, and it makes me uncomfortable.
    I believe there's a chat-lounge section in the official discord if you want to connect beyond MapleStory. But usually your guild/alliance discord is better for getting to know people.

    I don't know you so this is general advice based on this thread, which comes off as kinda entitled and whiny, by the way.
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    HHG1 wrote: »

    Well said on all points.

    As to the last point about "making friends", Izzy put it very well last night. He said he separates people in the server into a hierarchy of sorts:
    1. like, 2. Have no issues interacting with, 3. Tolerate, 4. Dislike but interact with anyway, 5. Block

    It's actually pretty accurate for how I, and possibly most of the regulars in the server, deal with things.