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Did my account get hacked?

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Hi, I am raising lvl. 196 demonslayer in reboot server called SadSpaniel. When I played on April 2nd, everything was fine including the hair I got from royal hair coupon. But I logged in today and I found out that the hair of my character changed to one of the basic ones. I am currently looking at other characters if I lost anything else but for now, this is the issue. If someone logged in between 1:00 am 4/3/2020 to 4:30 pm 4/3/2020, that is not me. I am asking if I can get my hair back?


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    Your account was not hacked. This is a known bug that happens sometimes, and changes characters' hairstyle to Toben (for males) or Cutie (for females).

    If you had your Royal style saved in your Salon, you can just restore it.
    If you didn't, you can contact Nexon Customer Support (http://support-maplestory.nexon.net) to have them restore it for you.