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Princess No - Disconnection Issues

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Last stage of Princess No boss fight keeps causing disconnection after she loses 1/2 life bar.
It takes many minutes to reach her, so crashing the game, specially at that stage is EXTREMELY INCONVENIENT!


  • MiVingareiMiVingarei
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    totally agree with you...
    I believe this is a bug because it happened 3 times in a row at the same time!
    when the boss teleports to the upper platform and summons some flying electric fish. for some reason after you hit 5 ~ 10 on the boss you take dc. I was surprised because it happened 3 times in a row! (this happened also twice a few weeks ago but I didn't give a damn because I thought it must be my connection).
    To clarify:
    I tried this 2X boss and ended up taking the 2X dc and gave up.
    after a few weeks (today) I tried 3X again and took dc at the same time in 3X!
    if that's not a bug what the hell is it?
  • PathmakerPathmaker
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    The disconnection happens to me every single time and it must be a bug.

    Every time Princess no reach the uppermost platform and the electric eels come out, I would drop offline like 90% of the time.

    If I get lucky and don't drop offline, disconnection must occur when I hit the eels, or the wizards, or whatever.

    I am SO FURIOUS, because I enter to fight Princess no like 5 times a day, and 7 days a week, like literally 35 times in total, and I CAN'T FREAKING FINISH the boss.