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About Gollux?

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See im a bot/ slash returning player and im just wondering about this boss:

1. Do you get 3 keys per day for entry because i currently get 1? And yet i see dozens of forums claiming you're suppose to get 3. Am i missing something here? Is it because im Reboot?

2. Is there like or an up to date graph of strong gollux depending on what body parts you take out before reaching the head?


  • MawgMawg
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    It's 3. maybe you are thinking of the guy outside, who opens a portal to let you in? IIRC, eh gives you a single key (?).

    Once inside, accept a quest, such as Gollux head (maybe even just chat to the NPC?) and you are given 3 keys.

    Can you explain your problem in more detail?
  • LatemasterLatemaster
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    Gollux got revamped couple of weeks ago and now it's only 1 entry/day.
    easy gollux is basically doable by anyone (smash 3 parts)
    normal gollux is quite much same as nmagn (smash 2 parts)
    hard gollux is similar to CRA (smash just 1 part, i recommend abdomen)
    and hellux is quite much on the level of normal damien/lotus (go straight to head)