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ThunderBreakers Need Fixing.

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Hi! the following is a comment I've made on a previous forum post that I feel needs a brand new discussion revolving their playability.

The following is a video made by Snizze that very nicely displays the issues at hand

So here's the problem with GMS thunderbreakers:

Korean maplestory Thunderbreakers literally LIVE UP to the name of the class with their ability to smoothly chain all their skills together
- you can find so many sources on youtube with titles in full korean.
There mobbing looks so fluid and amazing to play, and I think is absolutely UNFAIR for us GMS thunderbreaker mains to have to suffer from all the input/output lag because of all this poor coding.

In addition, Bossing is even more difficult for us as we have to literally use one skill/2-skill chain , and then WAIT just in case the boss is about to do a 1-hit KO move (ie. Gollux).
Bossing on a thunderbreaker makes you feel like you need DOUBLE the required stats/range just to complete the boss because of all the unintentional deaths occured by these bugs.

I know we might sound like we're whining , but lets take into consideration some other classes who are supposed to fit the same "high mobility, skill-chaining, rewarding mechanics" archetype.
- ie. Cadena, Dual blade, Illium, Thieves in general

Imagine if on Cadena, one of your skills required to keep up your martial arts combo stacks up would make your character freeze (input/ouput lag) or felt super clunky to use!
Imagine if on Dual blade, while using your ascending blade skill to get up platforms, it caused your character to PAUSE when you land before allowing you to do your next inputted skill.

This is exactly why this issue needs to be looked and cleaned up.
The Thunderbreaker population is small, and our voices aren't as loud. I guarantee you that if Dual Blades had ANY SIMILAR ISSUE as we do, the forum would be absolutely blasted with complaints.

Thunderbreakers are supposed to be a high mobility mobbing class that has a high mechanical ceiling for dedicated players to grow with!
- this is very clear after you see even just 1 video of Korean Maplestory TB mobbing on youtube (there are plenty).

I don't understand how nexon can keep sleeping on this issue while making all these new explosive classes with seamless gameplay.
Thunderbreaker mains deserve better, and there's a reason why nobody plays this class anymore unfortunately.

There's been a previous post from 2018 about the same issues which was POSTED AND REPLIED TO BY A MODERATOR yet nothing has been fixed.

Thank you for reading!
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