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Forums Login Issues on Chrome 7/29

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Hi Maplers,
If you have login issue on our Forums using Chrome, please follow the steps below as a temporary workaround while we implement a permanent solution.

1. Go to Chrome browser and type: chrome://settings/content/cookies
2. This will open third party cookie settings page. Please set Block third-party cookie settings
3. Afterward, proceed to set SameSite cookie setting by typing url: chrome://flags/
- This will open all flags page → search with samesite and set the SameSite by default cookies as Disabled under Available tab.
4. Relaunch the browser
5. Try logging in the Forums!


  • AggraphineAggraphine
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    Is there an actual backend problem that's been causing this then? Because it's been around a week and a half to two weeks that it's been doing this. Mild irritation, you can imagine, when one has 2FA set up.

    Also, maybe it doesn't work the same in chromium-based browsers as it would in chrome itself, but I'm still having the issue.
  • AlbinorockAlbinorock
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    Doesn't work. It auto-logs me off.
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    its not just chrome is firefox and opera aswell same thing...
    only works on safari on my mobile for short moment

    would be nice if nexonNA stops with codeing things on their own untill some better team or proper revision by korea before it gets implemented
  • GhibleeGhiblee
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    edited July 31
    For those who receive the disconnection pop-up error when attempting to log in even after completing the listed steps, we notified the team of this issue and are looking into another solution.
    Thank you for your patience!