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Survey - What's your favorite job?


  • BingJingLinBingJingLin
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    edited September 10
    where all them Master Chefs at?
  • MrJuggal0MrJuggal0
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    Demon Slayer has to be my favourite; I played it on its official release and fell in love with the class instantly. When they first revealed the trailer and I saw Demon Cry for the first time, younger me was honestly awestruck. I will never forget that moment in time.

    Demons, Avenger and Slayer, UNITE!!! >:D
  • MysteryMystery
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    I've tried all jobs released over the past 10-11 years and shadower is allways the one i go back to. It's by far my favorite
  • 2ManyAlts2ManyAlts
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    NL as you can tell lol...

    Lays is my ign. <3
  • PuppyMangoPuppyMango
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    Kanna. Even after nexon killed it.
  • YunnoYunno
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    PuppyMango wrote: »
    Kanna. Even after nexon killed it.

    My thoughts exactly. Although I love her just as much as I love Mercedes :p
  • SherriSherri
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    My most favorite is Angelic Buster. Really fun class, though she is really squishy :c
    Though in reality, it's a four way tie haha
    AB, Kanna, Battle Mage and Shade
    PuppyMango wrote: »
    Kanna. Even after nexon killed it.

    This only makes my devotion for my Kanna grow as well.
  • WelcomingWelcoming
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    Wild Hunters!
  • darikdarik
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    Kaiser and dw( if i didnt have latency and ping issues on gms)