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Mesos Guide 2016

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Watch this video I made and you'll be rich in no time!


  • BrandonX0X0X0BrandonX0X0X0
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    Sorry i play in reboot.
  • KaraxxKaraxx
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    All I can say is, Commerci, gollux, pets pick up and elite bosses. Everything else is just too tedious.
  • CobainCobain
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    Why are people still using Bandicam? There are so many better alternatives now. The best being OBS Studio. It has an offline record mode and you can edit scenes how you want them to look. Best of all, no website watermark at the top of your footage!
  • OthidistOthidist
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    So uhhhh... we just sell stuff?
  • MomTeresaMomTeresa
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    you cannot stand still and farm ores or herbs for more than 10 times now. you'd need to move slightly to the side for farming to resume.
  • ShadowJoshXDShadowJoshXD
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    You could like get to Level 6 Alchemy and just grind for 140/130 Equip Drops and dissamble them for Philosopher stones which is 300k each and also 140 gear i see you get like 4 max depending on your luck.
  • MewelupMewelup
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    it says
    "This video is private"

    and i can't watch it :'(
  • RikNLRikNL
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    Mewelup wrote: »
    it says
    "This video is private"

    and i can't watch it :'(

    You can try this

    But keep in mind the prices are different right now.