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Monster Collection.

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I've seen on "Reddit" that it's one of the main issues people are trying to estimate, I haven't really went in to hunted down the boss monsters yet, but all of the elite monster are taking forever to find. MR Commander Possibly-Evil Seal, Healer Raging Tome, Evasive Wild Boar, Beefy Fire Boar, Sticky Wooden Mask, Speedy Violent Clam Slime, Petrifying Starfish Octopus Slime & others. Been on for 4hrs @ Raging Tomes & nothing.

- Can they increase the Elite Mobs or something like (geez does get boring after a while:( Heck it's easier catching/finding Pokemon in Pokemon Moon lol)


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    Actually, this Haste Event was supposed to increase the spawn rate of Elite Monsters so imagine just how much harder it'll be when this event ends...