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Night Walker's 5th job skill "Shadow Spear" D/Cs

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edited December 2016 in Bug Reporting
Bug type:
Crash, functionality

Brief bug summary:
Using Night Walker's 5th job skill Shadow Spear will cause disconnects when used in a map with high spawn when there are high amounts of Shadow Spears on the ground scattered around the map.

More details:
Moment right before d/cing http://i.imgur.com/gyvkZz9.png
Shadow Servant is used here, but Shadow Illusion will most likely be easier to reproduce the bug.

Steps to reproduce:
Must activate Shadow Bats so the shadow carvings can proc throughout the map.
Use the Hyper Skill, Shadow Illusion, so you can proc as much Shadow Spears as much as possible.
Attack enemies in a map with dense spawn using Quintuple Star while Shadow Spear and the above skills are active.

Using ways to boost spawn such as Kishin or Frenzy totem will make the bug likely easier to reproduce.

Character name:

Character level:

Character job:
Night Walker

World name:

Date and time of the incident:
12/15/2016 (introduction of V's 5th job patch)