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Aran Skill Glitch

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Bug Type: Skill Bug
Summary: Upon activating maha's domain I immediately follow with starting up my macro buffs. What ends up happening is maha's domain only activates the first half of its skill , dealing the active damage but not dealing the damage over time nor healing and does not show the present animation. Furthermore, my buffs no longer activate following this(they show an animation but do not give the buff). Checking my other functions, I am unable to activate buffs even when directly double-clicking them from my skill tab. I am also unable to equip and unequip items. Functions that still work: Use items, attack skills, walking from map to map, training, etc.
Once my maha's domain cooldown has reset after the bug has already occured, I tried it again. Without trying to activate my buffs after, maha's domain once again only does the initial damage and has none of the residual effects or animation. Changing channels does not solve the problem. The only solution seems to be logging out and back in.
Name: Sweetpatch
Level: 216
Job: Aran
World: Bellocan
Time: 8:25 PST 12/19/2016


  • genji123genji123
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    Can confirm. Sometimes during 2x exp event i use buffs and the skill icon doesn't show on the the top right, but animation does happen. Also commands are broken / less responsive ever since V patch.

    Also really old bug that still hasn't been fixed in KMS, where if you use mount, toggled Body something skill disappears.