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[Skill] Ice Age disconnects you from certian maps.

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edited December 2016 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Skill

Brief bug summary: If I use my Ice/Lightning mage’s 5th job skill, Ice Age, at any of the Tranquil Edra maps (The ones in the cave of Arcane River; they spawn lanterns when they die.) I will lag out and then disconnect. More specifically, I will use the skill and as the persisting ice deals damage to the mobs, they will start walking in place and I can’t attack or type anymore. After about 5 seconds, I will get sent back to the world selection screen with an error that reads: “Unable to connect to the game server. Please try again later.”

More details: I have tested this on two separate computers both on and off 2x. I used two different internet connections and found that this was a consistent problem.

Steps to reproduce: Use Ice Age at any of the Tranquil Edra maps.

Character name: LordKatz
Character level: 210
Character job: Arch Mage (Ice/Lightning)
World name: Broa
Date and time of the incident: This has been persisting ever since 5th job was released.
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