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[Skill] Jett 5th job boost node doesn't work

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edited December 2016 in Bug Reporting
Bug type:
Skill, functionality

Brief bug summary:
Jett 5th skill boost node "Vortex Cross Boost" doesn't increase the final damage of the skill "Vortex Cross".

More details:
My hypothesis about this issue could be the passive skill "Spacial Shift" that increase damage and the line of "Vortex Cross" could be overwriting some settings. The expected result should be 5% final damage per level on the skill "Vortex Cross Boost", which should increase the damage of "Vortex Cross", included the passive upgrade with the skill "Spacial Shift".

Steps to reproduce:
Don't use any boost node and use few time the skill "Vortex Cross" on a monster with battle analysis.

Try again with preferably a high level boost node of "Vortex Cross Boost" and record your damage on battle analysis.

Compare results (look at minimum and maximum damage on both screenshots).

Skill used for this testing:

Character name:

Character level:
Level 250

Character job:

World name:

Date and time of the incident:
December, 19th 2016 at 17:00 PST