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Annoying Quest In Vanishing Journey

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Suggestion to NEXON: Add a navigation indicator of where to go for turn-in upon completion for this quest to deliver 30 Repose Inhibitor to Jenna in the Vanishing Journey dailies.

I know now I am not the first to go wasting gobs of time slogging through all these maps to find this NPC, and resort to looking this up for an answer. Because if, out of the .001% of people who play this game that are (actively) on these forums, I found another person who posted about it (and it being the legendary Maryse of all folks) then there must be hundreds of others frustrated at this rather unspecific daily quest. It's different from any of the others I've seen, where you simply turn it in at the NPC Rona in the Nameless Town.

INB4 "aww poor baby, are you afraid of exploring a little", "we used to have to look around for hours for everything before this newfangled navigation business", "back in my days, sonny boy..."


  • AKradianAKradian
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    It's intended, though. Rona tells you Jenna is "somewhere in X region."
    If they told you exactly where to go, there would be no difference between the "collect" quests and the "deliver" quests.
    At least Nexon is trying to vary things a little.
    (But according to the people on the subreddit, Jenna is always at the same three maps - one per region - so even if you enjoy exploring, this variant is not particularly interesting after the first few times).
  • BooberpuppyBooberpuppy
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    Good for them. I like variation, but now they need to add the little light bulb. I'll deliver the goods to the light bulb'd room. What they did is just annoying, IMO. IF they want us to spend our precious time, we already have plenty enough of that to look forward to with the insanity of the fifth job grind.
  • Retr0_Retr0_
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    5 nodestones in 6 hours with 2x drop. Rip hands.
  • bumbertyrbumbertyr
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    Retr0_ said:

    5 nodestones in 6 hours with 2x drop. Rip hands.
    yah pretty sure they ninja nerfed the drop rate. everybody appears to be getting much less than before.
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    The NPC only pops up in three specific maps depending on which inhibitor you collect. You don't even have to search (not that it's difficult to do so).
    1. Oblivion Inhibitors: Weathered Land of Rage and Sorrow
    2. Extinction Inhibitors: Fire Zone
    3. Repose Inhibitors: Below the Cave
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