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NLC monsters glitch

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edited February 1 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Normal monster is overpowered

Brief bug summary: Boomer in Masteria: City Outskirts 3 do a 1HKO on me, dealing 13k damage.

More details:
I need to kill 100 of them for the "[NLC] Explosives Strictly Prohibited" quest, but can't even go to that map without dying instantly.
This seems like a bug because they're only level 172 and shouldn't be so untouchable.

Steps to reproduce: Go to Masteria: City Outskirts 3 and Tell a Boomer you're looking for trouble.

Character name: Envië

Character level: 171

Character job: Pathfinder

World name: Aurora

Date and time of the incident: 1.2.20 (february), 16:30 PST