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[REBOOT] New player LF> Guild

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Hi! I've returned to MS recently, and am leveling a Demon Slayer on reboot. I've never made it very far in the game, but I'd like to stay committed with this character. Leveling is getting kinda lonely/boring so I'm mainly just looking for an active social/casual guild. Thanks!

IGN: Deadhorizon


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    I just returned to Maple after...well, a long time - probably five or six years now that I think about it. Oddly enough, and maybe it's because I play in the mid-late afternoon on the higher channels, but I haven't seen a ton of people in Reboot, and only one player with a guild insignia. It's pretty strange after being so used to competing in EVERY channel (back in the day) just for a leveling map, lol.

    Anyway, hi! I literally have zero buddies, so if you'd like to add me feel free! My ign is CozySaturday :)
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    If you guys are still looking for a guild feel free to PM :) we're currently recruiting active members for tipsy ^_^